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29 September 2008

stupid snow drivers

last night, before the missus and i went to bed, we let the dog out to do her nightly business. as crystalized drops of water were hitting my head, i realized it was snowing.

this morning, the snow was still there. through my life, i have come to understand that things do not melt in the night ... as a general rule. i knew it would take a while to get to work. i just did not know it would take ... that long.

i was cruising down the four lane street on the way to the on ramp to hwy 395. i had been planning on taking a backroad to work ... through the mountainous terrain ... which can normally travel approximately 5mph faster than the hwy in times of snow, rain, or (god forbid) wind. with my eagle-like eyesight, i spotted a large truck meant for dropping sand at the head of a long line of cars in the right lane ... the lane i needed for the back road. as i had been cruising down the left lane and passing the mountain desert drivers like i was in the mach 5, i had no chance of getting into the right lane. i took the onramp leading to hwy 395. i had no sooner taken the ramp (at 25mph with thoughts of hitting at least 50mph by the time i hit merging trafic in the snow) when i had to slow down to crawling speed. *swear word*, i was going to be merging at 7mph.

honestly, do people have to lose all capacity to drive if one half of an inch of snow falls?

at this time, i have had my morning sandwich and the world seems to be better.

thought by Bram Davidson around 9:20 AM

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