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29 September 2008

16 February 2006

morning drive

this morning, the drive to work was much better. being that i live on a mountain, i get to drive on that mountain. this morning the mountain gave me a little sumpin-sumpin.

i was driving south on hwy 395 ... the same road from yesterday ... and there were cars infront of me. as i scanned the sky and mountain-lined horizon (i don't know if i will ever get tired of that) i saw a thin line of cloud. as i got closer, i realized how close to the ground the cloud was. three cars ahead of me was an suv. as it drove onder the cloud, the air displacement of the vehicle correspondently pushed the cloud around.

it really makes you realize how high you are when you see a car mess with a cloud.

thought by Bram Davidson around 4:40 PM

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