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29 September 2008

20 February 2006

at first it was good ...

The bossman at my work got a room for the missus and i to use for the night at the local nugget. the bossman did not do this "just 'cause," it is because we are having a user conference for our clients and the bossman wants everyone to know what the rooms are like so we know what the clients are talikng about when they mention the rooms. looking back on it, i should have broken that last sentence down. the bossman also let us get a meal and rent a movie on that pay-per-view. as the missus is a law & order junkie, we skipped the ppv and opted for the usa channel where characters are welcome. after checking in, we went to the main casino area and found a place to eat ... each meal costing more than we usually spend for the family ... but we had to eat it ... bosses orders. After we were done, i felt full ... kinda guilty and full ... i thought, "this is what it must feel like to be a capitalist with all the perks. i could get used to this." enough of food.

after we had eaten, we went back upstairs to spend some time together without the youngens. we spent three hours watching l&o ... in a jacuzzi. it was my first time in one of those crazy, bubbly, jetty baths and I am glad i had the oportunity to share it with the missus and vincent and mariska. altogether, it was a fine way to spend a saturday.

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