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30 September 2008

19 March 2006

daunting ...

I was just reminded of something because my brain remembered it.

so, as i have said in the past, i work in sales. i was speaking to someone ... the kind of person we like to refer to in the business world as a 'new call.' i thought that everything was going well ... ergo, i got the correct information, decided to send the right information, made an effort to sound interested. i thought it was a job well done.

the bossman decided to talk to me about the call since the sales director decided to leave and, i guess, i learned some bad habits (different story for never). bossman said everything was fine except for one thing ... i should not use the word daunting while talking with prospects. it is not that it is vulgar or offensive in nature ... i was informed that 'daunting' is not at a tenth grade level.

i could go on but it would not change anything and it would only make me even more frustrated. i am disgusted

thought by Bram Davidson around 8:48 PM

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