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29 September 2008

21 February 2006

... and then it got bad

So … after the lovely evening of soaking and watching law & order, we called the boychild (this is the son of the missus and has come to be close to me … ergo, I dig him) to pick us up. He did. On the way home, we discovered a sound coming from the car that sounded much like the propeller of an airplane. The boychild and I discussed it for a while and then he disclosed to me that he had hit the curb the previous night. Not one to become angry, I let him tell the story. It concerned the boychild and ice and a spinout infront of him. I figured the curb was a better option than the loss of life. Boychild = good.

later that night, we are talking about Sunday, I had just sat down to do our taxes and the missus was preparing to cook us some lovely indian curry and potatoes. I had just downloaded the form from the internet when I heard a yelp come from the kitchen followed closely by the sound of running water. I called out to the missus and received no response. She had burned her arm quite badly with oil.

That’s all I want to say about that as it makes me sad … she will be ok and should not have much scarring, if any.


  • beautiful evening with warm water.
  • Car possibly with alignment issues.
  • Missus with injury.
At least, while staying with the missus yesterday, I got to see the entire series of project runway. Man, santino has to go somewhere and let serious designers do what they do.
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