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30 September 2008

01 March 2006

the sales director

So, I spend many of my days at work … it is a software company that sells its product to trash haulers. I am in sales which makes me a salesman. I have yet to make a sale of our major product which makes me a poor salesman. This makes me sad as I had told the missus that I would buy her a bed after I got my first commission. She believes me and I have yet to deliver … this is not the topic of discussion.

the guy who calls himself the sales director is going to be leaving the office soon. I guess this makes me prematurely work-lonely as I know he will soon be gone. That is all I really have to say about this as I do not want to get too sensitive.

I had more to say about being worthless than I did about the sales director.

thought by Bram Davidson around 2:22 PM

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