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30 September 2008

30 March 2006

everything's alright. yes. everything's fine

I awoke this morning to a horrible pain in my left calf muscle. That sucked. My alarm went off at the usual time. That was ok. I turned off the alarm and kitty made her cute little noise meaning that she was not done cuddling so I thought I could give her another minute. That was ok. I overslept. That sucked. I drove into work, hitting some slow areas because, as I have mentioned before, reno people do not know how to drive. That sucked. There was a cloud of brown-grey over the city and it made me depressed at the crap we put in the air. That sucked. The bossman will not be in today for the first two point five hours. That was ok. I read some blogs. That was ok. Co-worker made me laugh. That was ok. I am looking forward to the morning sandwich. That will be ok.

things are looking up.

thought by Bram Davidson around 8:38 AM

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