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01 October 2008

29 January 2007

first new post

so ... i am here ... time for a recap.

last year, around in may, i had an interview at the university of reno-nevada for a tech director possition in the theater. i didn't get it and was filled with a severe case of the "down-in-the-dumps." i worked at the software company for another was at this time that i wrote the last entry ... i quit.

i looked around reno for 1.5 months hoping to land a theater gig somewhere ... there are casino shows here ... you would think i could find something. denied. i got close with one of the casinos (would have been sweet as the second show of the evening has a bit of topless singing). denied. tried to find any sort of contact in the other casinos. denied.

started to get hungry.

applied for a job at barnes and noble as i had worked for a couple years at a b.dalton in the past. worked it for roughly six weeks until i could no longer deal with the stupid hours required in retail.

so ... i am back here at the software company ... working.

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