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29 December 2008

04 December 2007
That smirk ... (Long Pants)

We spent two semesters in Grand Forks, in '99-'00, I believe. We lived in a dorm-apartment-complex-deal on campus.
One night, the four of us were all playing in the kitchen. It was something we'd always done: we'd all just spontaneously start wrestling and climbing on one another (mostly it was Monica, Bram and myself all climbing on one another while mum stood aside) and having a good ol' time. It's important to know that I had no shoes on and my pants were too long; I was walking on the last 5-6 inches. Anyway, I was trying to push Bram, but I was 14 years old at this point so I may as well have been trying to rearrange Stonehenge for as much as I was moving Bram (something that didn't really change as I got older). This went on for some time, but suddenly, Bram stepped on the bottom hem of my pants, and pushed me. Not a shove, mind you. Just placed his right hand squarely on my chest and pushed. Naturally, with my pants planted firmly into the floor, the only direction I went was down. I wasn't hurt, but I was suffocating with laughter. It was one of my most memorable laughing fits.
When I looked up, Bram was standing over me, convulsing slightly with contained laughter, and that smirk on his lips. He certainly thought what he created was humorous, but he didn't seem to want to gut-laugh in my face.
A year later, in Vermillion, SD, he did it again.
I just keep seeing that stupid smirk.

Nick Wing

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