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30 September 2008

30 March 2006

everything's alright. yes. everything's fine

I awoke this morning to a horrible pain in my left calf muscle. That sucked. My alarm went off at the usual time. That was ok. I turned off the alarm and kitty made her cute little noise meaning that she was not done cuddling so I thought I could give her another minute. That was ok. I overslept. That sucked. I drove into work, hitting some slow areas because, as I have mentioned before, reno people do not know how to drive. That sucked. There was a cloud of brown-grey over the city and it made me depressed at the crap we put in the air. That sucked. The bossman will not be in today for the first two point five hours. That was ok. I read some blogs. That was ok. Co-worker made me laugh. That was ok. I am looking forward to the morning sandwich. That will be ok.

things are looking up.

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24 March 2006


It’s been a slow week but a fast week. That sounds dumb … forget I mentioned it. I am still assuming the position of … no.

this is weird … I know I had things to say, mostly because I have not said anything for a while. Crap … I am having a blogfart. I’ll try later.

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19 March 2006

daunting ...

I was just reminded of something because my brain remembered it.

so, as i have said in the past, i work in sales. i was speaking to someone ... the kind of person we like to refer to in the business world as a 'new call.' i thought that everything was going well ... ergo, i got the correct information, decided to send the right information, made an effort to sound interested. i thought it was a job well done.

the bossman decided to talk to me about the call since the sales director decided to leave and, i guess, i learned some bad habits (different story for never). bossman said everything was fine except for one thing ... i should not use the word daunting while talking with prospects. it is not that it is vulgar or offensive in nature ... i was informed that 'daunting' is not at a tenth grade level.

i could go on but it would not change anything and it would only make me even more frustrated. i am disgusted

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15 March 2006

... i told you


the ides of march.

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14 March 2006

seriously ...


... beware


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08 March 2006

in the eve ...

so i thought i ought to add a new picture of me in case some needed more of me. as you can see, my hair is getting rather large and unmanagable. i am not daunted by this as i have more pressing matters at hand ... aka: i keep hitting 'n' instead of 'm' and have to continually correct this mistake.

the boychild is playing a computer game ... the girlchild is out at a comedy club with a man i never knew ... the missus is watching law & order surrounded by the animals ...

i wait for friday.

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... and now he's gone

Within the last half hour, the sales director said his final good-byes. He took his wife with him … she worked in the finance department. It feels as if it is the last day of school. The sales director packed up his things and put them in his car to go off on summer vacation.

it’s not summer … I have to stay in school.

it got me thinking how quickly people can make close friends. Even though I never went out on the town with him or visited him at his home and played with the one-eyed cat, I felt that I had built a good bond with my mentor. I don’t want to get pseudo-philosophical/psychological … I just wanted to mention that …

Nevermind, I got nothin’

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03 March 2006

missus ... the update

the missus went to the doctor today to make sure i was doing her arm proper justice with my cleaning. as you can see, i am doing a fine job and her arm is healing just fine. she does not have to keep it wrapped during the day so i believe that is a good sign.

meanwhile ... i had too many of these things during work and now my toots smell quite offensive and sweet. i am not trying to be disgusting ... i am merely putting that out there as a public health advisory.

now, the missus is chilling out infront of the television listening to the witty dialogue of gilmore girls and letting the dog warm her hip.

i am going to have some cheese soup while the missus goes on about wanting a salad spinner.

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02 March 2006

my boots

These are my boots. I prefer boots. I do not like sneakers because I think they make my feet look funny.

one thing about boots that I have come to discover, they do not lend themselves very well to exercise. They are looked down upon in the gym and tend to get in the way of yoga. Thus, I have a soft exterior

do not let this fool you … on the inside, I am as fierce as a cornered mouse in a cathouse. As a sheep on shearing day. As a wedge of limburger.

be warned.

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01 March 2006

the sales director

So, I spend many of my days at work … it is a software company that sells its product to trash haulers. I am in sales which makes me a salesman. I have yet to make a sale of our major product which makes me a poor salesman. This makes me sad as I had told the missus that I would buy her a bed after I got my first commission. She believes me and I have yet to deliver … this is not the topic of discussion.

the guy who calls himself the sales director is going to be leaving the office soon. I guess this makes me prematurely work-lonely as I know he will soon be gone. That is all I really have to say about this as I do not want to get too sensitive.

I had more to say about being worthless than I did about the sales director.

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29 September 2008

27 February 2006

and that's why ...

and that's why people wear shoes.
  • because, sometimes people drop scissors.
  • because, sometimes toes are projected at table legs.
  • Because, shoe salesmen need to feed families.
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23 February 2006

talking of gross

The missus and her arm are fine. Actually, I believe her nerves are finally starting to wake up. she has started taking the pain pills at regular intervals now. stupid burning mistress known as oil ... horrible to naked flesh ... so good when combined with breaded cheese.

raise of hands ... who wants to see pictures?

those who raised hands should donate $1 to help in kari's plight to knock her tooth out with a hammer.

thought by Bram Davidson around 3:06 PM

21 February 2006

... and then it got bad

So … after the lovely evening of soaking and watching law & order, we called the boychild (this is the son of the missus and has come to be close to me … ergo, I dig him) to pick us up. He did. On the way home, we discovered a sound coming from the car that sounded much like the propeller of an airplane. The boychild and I discussed it for a while and then he disclosed to me that he had hit the curb the previous night. Not one to become angry, I let him tell the story. It concerned the boychild and ice and a spinout infront of him. I figured the curb was a better option than the loss of life. Boychild = good.

later that night, we are talking about Sunday, I had just sat down to do our taxes and the missus was preparing to cook us some lovely indian curry and potatoes. I had just downloaded the form from the internet when I heard a yelp come from the kitchen followed closely by the sound of running water. I called out to the missus and received no response. She had burned her arm quite badly with oil.

That’s all I want to say about that as it makes me sad … she will be ok and should not have much scarring, if any.


  • beautiful evening with warm water.
  • Car possibly with alignment issues.
  • Missus with injury.
At least, while staying with the missus yesterday, I got to see the entire series of project runway. Man, santino has to go somewhere and let serious designers do what they do.
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20 February 2006

at first it was good ...

The bossman at my work got a room for the missus and i to use for the night at the local nugget. the bossman did not do this "just 'cause," it is because we are having a user conference for our clients and the bossman wants everyone to know what the rooms are like so we know what the clients are talikng about when they mention the rooms. looking back on it, i should have broken that last sentence down. the bossman also let us get a meal and rent a movie on that pay-per-view. as the missus is a law & order junkie, we skipped the ppv and opted for the usa channel where characters are welcome. after checking in, we went to the main casino area and found a place to eat ... each meal costing more than we usually spend for the family ... but we had to eat it ... bosses orders. After we were done, i felt full ... kinda guilty and full ... i thought, "this is what it must feel like to be a capitalist with all the perks. i could get used to this." enough of food.

after we had eaten, we went back upstairs to spend some time together without the youngens. we spent three hours watching l&o ... in a jacuzzi. it was my first time in one of those crazy, bubbly, jetty baths and I am glad i had the oportunity to share it with the missus and vincent and mariska. altogether, it was a fine way to spend a saturday.

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16 February 2006

morning drive

this morning, the drive to work was much better. being that i live on a mountain, i get to drive on that mountain. this morning the mountain gave me a little sumpin-sumpin.

i was driving south on hwy 395 ... the same road from yesterday ... and there were cars infront of me. as i scanned the sky and mountain-lined horizon (i don't know if i will ever get tired of that) i saw a thin line of cloud. as i got closer, i realized how close to the ground the cloud was. three cars ahead of me was an suv. as it drove onder the cloud, the air displacement of the vehicle correspondently pushed the cloud around.

it really makes you realize how high you are when you see a car mess with a cloud.

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15 February 2006

the missus

this is the missus. i think she is dreamy ... and she puts up with my crap.

i would probably be dead if it were not for her.

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stupid snow drivers

last night, before the missus and i went to bed, we let the dog out to do her nightly business. as crystalized drops of water were hitting my head, i realized it was snowing.

this morning, the snow was still there. through my life, i have come to understand that things do not melt in the night ... as a general rule. i knew it would take a while to get to work. i just did not know it would take ... that long.

i was cruising down the four lane street on the way to the on ramp to hwy 395. i had been planning on taking a backroad to work ... through the mountainous terrain ... which can normally travel approximately 5mph faster than the hwy in times of snow, rain, or (god forbid) wind. with my eagle-like eyesight, i spotted a large truck meant for dropping sand at the head of a long line of cars in the right lane ... the lane i needed for the back road. as i had been cruising down the left lane and passing the mountain desert drivers like i was in the mach 5, i had no chance of getting into the right lane. i took the onramp leading to hwy 395. i had no sooner taken the ramp (at 25mph with thoughts of hitting at least 50mph by the time i hit merging trafic in the snow) when i had to slow down to crawling speed. *swear word*, i was going to be merging at 7mph.

honestly, do people have to lose all capacity to drive if one half of an inch of snow falls?

at this time, i have had my morning sandwich and the world seems to be better.

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14 February 2006

cheese of love

I had the opportunity to choose between two cheeses on my morning sandwich. I had access to cheddar and swiss. Now, being slightly educated, I understood cheddar to be a city in England and swiss to be items or organisms coming from Switzerland. Being that it is Valentine's Day, I thought about passion. The Italian's are known to be quite passionate and I have heard of Greek love (Greeks coming from the rocky land of Greece). Being that Switzerland is closer to those countries than England ... I went with the swiss cheese.

Also, ham & swiss is more fun to say.

thought by Bram Davidson around 8:43 AM
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13 February 2006

toilet blue

It saddens me that the blue in the toilet at work will slowly fade throughout the day. When I arrive in the morning, it is vivid and seemingly full of life. At noon, it is faded and sad and looks like it needs a break. At day's end ...